P.O.W. Paintballing has two courses over 3 acres of land. Our main course is a milsim course, with buildings, cars, tires and walls this course is an adrenaline rush for all ages. With two story buildings, tight corners and long sniping areas as well. No matter what your playing style is this course will work for you. New to the the course this year is a turret which all players to use. Throw in your paint and cover the enemy with such pretty colors as you can. Our second course is a huge trench system, with an airplane in the center, this trench system from above looks like a huge Celtic knot. These trenches are in your face action, with amazing close combat and long range support. This is a great course to get your heart rate up and your adrenalin fix.


Entry Fee - $10

Paintballs start at
$10 for 140
$20 for 500
$60 for 2000